Monday, April 4, 2011

I should be doing something I am sure but instead I am enjoying a rare moment of quiet.....I am even trying to type quietly so as to not disturb the beasts! j/k (kinda!).  The boys and I went to the bounce house today and that always seems to sufficiently tucker them out.  Love it!  Has allowed me to pick up the house, plan dinner, read an article in a magazine and now a moment on the old computer.

We finally got some new patio furniture recently too.  The previous owner had left a pub height table and chairs that we had been using for lack of anything else, but it was just always in the way and really a danger to the little kids who wanted to climb up into it, since they literally would have to CLIMB up.  I found a conversation set I liked on that was on sale and with a AAA 10% discount and free shipping, this is what we ended up with!  Me and the allen wrench became friends this weekend while Matt was at the Final Four.....(this is not my backyard, just the furniture we ordered!) :)

My hard work of turning screws paid off...It turned out so nice and we are all enjoying it!  The past 2 nights Matt and I actually sat outside and just chatted enjoying a glass of wine after the boys were in bed!  Much better and cozier than what we had before.  And now the boys don't have the danger of falling out of the chair!  I would like an outdoor rug too so I will be on the hunt for that now.

But the best part of the patio furniture....the giant box that came with it!  Who needs toys when you have a BOX??? :)


  1. Is that really a picture of your backyard?!? It's gorgeous! Looks like it came out of a Better Homes & Gardens magazine!

  2. Ha, I wish that was my backyard! I snagged that pic off Target, LOL! Ill have to find a pic that I took of our actual yard :)


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