Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Phone insurance

I had never bought phone insurance before... (although those that really know me are probably wondering why the heck not! back in college I had several cell phone in the toilet and one left at tropical isle in new orleans...just to name couple) :) but thankfully when we got our phones a year or two ago, we opted for the insurance.  Within 2 months, I have now made 2 claims!  YIKES!  The first was for a dead phone. It MAY have been dropped one too many times but I don't think it was my totally fault...little fingers like to grab my phone too!

BUT THIS LAST TIME HAS STUMPED ME!  We went to my parents' house on Sunday for lunch and for the boys to try of their new vehicles from Popsie and as we were packing up....I realized I couldn't find my phone.  It only took 2 calls to realize it was still on silent from church.  DOH!  WE.LOOKED.EVERYWHERE.  For like 2 hours.  And no phone.  Mom and I did take the boys to the elementary school's playground but I really don't think I took the phone with me.  I put a hold on it in case that was it's untimely fate but who knows.....Thankfully when I went to the phone store, they reminded me that insurance covers loss as well so for $40, I get a new phone.  I made a claim yesterday and it was on my doorstep today.  Now that's service!  I am glad to have a new phone, but I didn't realize how much STUFF I had on my phone and how much I relied on the stupid thing.  Pictures and videos mainly are what I am the most upset with losing.... :( but also texts, apps I use, and of course all my contact info!  I am still hoping maybe eventually Mark (poor kid...i am blaming him, ha!) will remember where he walked off with it eventually and I will get all that back!

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  1. Do you have google acct on your phone so all your contacts are backed up? At least that is how T-Mobile has it and if I recall you got the My-Touch right? Thankfully you have the insurance. I just got the new Samsung Galaxy S and finally decided to get the plan mentioned for such instance. Hopefully you do find it soon.


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