Friday, April 15, 2011

For the "girls"

Since I assume not many men read this besides my husband....I feel okay to discuss "the girls".  The other day my underwire was poking me in the ribs from one of my regular bras....a few days later, the strap completely popped off another one.  I took it as a sign from the undergarment gods that it was clearly times for some new ones!

I decided to treat myself and headed to Nordstrom's one lunch hour.  I had tons of gift certificates to the spa there but since i haven't seem to make it there in like 2 years, this seemed like the better use of them.

Have you ever been properly fitted for a brassiere?  It is definitely not for the modest, but the woman I had helping me was very professional and made me not feel too uncomfortable about disrobing before some stranger!  And I was very glad I did it.  I was wearing the wrong size!  She brought me in about 20 different ones to try and I finally settled on 4 that were comfy yet pretty and feminie too.

I also got a lesson in bra handling.  ABSOLUTELY no tide or woolite or basically any of your regular detergents. Too harsh on the fibers.  Best is either Dreft or handwash with baby shampoo.  And if machine wash, use the bag. Also, you want to have about 4-5 to rotate between.  The daily wear of your favorites is what breaks them down and stretches them out faster.  Also, don't fold them by the cups either, if room permits, lay them out flat.  I can't recall the issue with that, but it does something not good to them ;-)

That was my lesson in bras.  I must say, not only do I feel better and more comfortable, but I think they  look better too! :)  So there, go get fitted for a new bra and doing something good for your "girls"! :)

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