Monday, April 25, 2011

monday fun

went exploring again today and had a great time!  since monday is my one day off with the boys, I try to make sure we do something fun and out of the house especially if its a day we don't have any doctors appointments or major errands to do.  after the hustle and bustle of the weekend, we decided to hit up a new park today!  if you have ever met my boys....they enjoy nothing more than being outside!!  last week we wandered over to a little park near the house and had such a nice time and picnic lunch.  today i pulled up the harris county park website and let zach pick which one he wanted to go to based on playground pictures.  He of course picked the one with the biggest and tallest slide!!  So off we went!

We headed to Collins park which is just off Cypresswood Drive and Steubner Airline.  It's been there for years and I had never been before.  We will definitely go back another time with daddy to do more exploring.  They have two big playgrounds, one with stuff for older kids although my boys didn't let that stop them and another for kids under 5.  The boys totally enjoyed them both.  The bigger one got my exercise in for the day as Mark needed a little more supervision so I was climbing the 2 flights of ladders for the giant slide over and over again too ;-)  I love exploring new parks and places as it keeps the boys and me entertained and always fun to find a new place to go!  Parks are always fun too because the boys seem to find little friends to play with and I love watching that.

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  1. so funny, I am having a hard time telling the two apart in pictures now! I am so glad they have each other for playmates..its going to get even better.


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