Wednesday, April 13, 2011

sneaking in

it's one of my fav things to do before I go to bed....go take a peek and re-cover my sleeping little M.  With Zach, I had to stop doing that at like a year old.  The boy has bat ears or something but just the tee tiniest screech of the door would wake him up.  He wasn't the best sleeper at that age and we ALL have learned the lesson....NEVER.WAKE.A.SLEEPING.BABY!! He just gets a kiss blown at his door now ;-)

Mark sleeps like a log so I have made sure to take the opportunity every night so go in for one last look.  He always amazes me because everything is totally disheveled and reorganized or even thrown out of the crib when I go back in.  Whenever I lay him down to sleep, he rolls onto his tummy and assumes the hiney in the air position (by FAR the cutest way babies sleep!) and  acts like he is going to sleep.  I never got one of the fancy video monitors so I truly have no clue what goes on in there after I leave but clearly it sometimes include ridding the crib of things that bother him  by throwing out of crib, playing with his stuffed animals, and reading books.  I would love to see what goes on....

So anyway, the whole point if this is, I love to go in, straighten him out, pull the book out from under his face, recover him up, stroke his hair and face, whisper my good nights....and marvel at the wonders and preciousness of a sleeping child.  No matter how much they may test you during the day, there is nothing more sweet than that sight.

Do you still do this with your little ones?  How long can it last before he starts waking up and telling old mom to get out of his room?  Not sure I want to be the old lady in the Love you forever book rocking my grown son....but I can see how I may want to! ;-)


  1. That is to funny! Jack and I just had that same conversation last night. Maggie does open her eyes, but does nothing. Sometimes we hold her and she goes back to sleep. It is really cute! I don't ever want those days to end!

  2. It is definitely one of the sweetest memories I will have of my third born. He does the hiney in the air and doesn't get upset if I come in there to rub his back. Thanks for sharing and for reminding me to cherish these moments. :)

  3. Such a sweet post! I feel the same way about wanting to savor every little moment, and I still go in and check on all three. :). Makes me laugh whenever I find B sound asleep with an open book covering his face!

  4. Soo sweet! At 3.5 I still retuck the twins in every night, I often just stand there next to their beds and say a prayer thanking God for bringing the kiddos into my life!

  5. I say goodnight every night. Most nights I have to rearrange one or more of the children so they are completely on the bed. I love to see what position they end up in. It's so funny.


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