Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today my dad turned 65!  I can't believe it, 65?

Unfortunately he had to head out of town for a job today so we will be doing all of the celebrations on Sunday at my parents' house.  He bought himself some new grill piece for his birthday so I think that means we will be the lucky recipients of a Popsie cooked meal....winning! ;-)

What to say about my dad besides, well, he is the best!!  I count my self as one of the lucky ones who grew up as daddy's girl.  He spoiled me but not in the way of being a brat and getting whatever I wanted, more of just doing things for me and taking care of me.  His Love Language must surely be Acts of Service!  If you ever need anything at all, my dad would be there to run an errand, help out with a chore, wait for a repairman, get my gas tank filled, you name it!  And all without a grumble.   All of my friends always loved my dad growing up cause he is just a sweet dad!

Now as a parent myself, I enjoy watching him with my children.  He is so good with the boys and they surely love their Popsie.  My dad still spoils me...coming to watch the boys if I have to work late, helping out with something for the house...and getting my oil changed and gas tank filled on occasion too ;-)

But not only is my dad a good parents are also a testament in of themselves, being married for over  40 years!  I grew up seeing what a good and healthy marriage is.  And when I was looking for someone to marry, I wanted someone that was as awesome as my dad.  And lucky for me I found him!

I am so thankful to have such a great relationship with my dad and also grateful the boys get to grow up with such a super cool Grandpa!

Happy Birthday, Dad!!  We love you!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Wednell! Alex is also a HUGE fan of Popsie's!


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