Saturday, April 16, 2011


We had a very busy day today starting with an Easter egg hunt at Zachary's school!  It was very well organized and there were a TON OF EGGS!  More than enough for all the kids to fill their baskets and then some!  I didn't realize just how much loot we had until I was emptying out all the candy from the eggs.  I swear, we have more candy than we did after trick or treating!  I think I will have to take it to work since we still have another Easter egg hunt at our church next week before the bunny comes on Sunday!  The boys had fun playing on the inflatables, riding the train, and Z even rode the little ferris wheel!

My friend Kerri and her daughter Madeline had met us up at church for the egg hunt and we all headed up to Lupe's for lunch.  The boys played some MORE in the sandbox while we ate and then Mark and Maddie did a lot of flirting ;-) Z was feeding her goldfish and then giving each other little kisses.  It was SO cute and sweet!!

After some naps, we headed over to the Bloch's for a crab leg dinner.  It was DELISH!!  I think Lilly and Dylan had fun with the wild boys that came over to play with them! :)  They just got a cool new swing set and I think the  boys helped them fully break it in.  The slide was definitely the highlight as they were flying off the end.  I wish I had gotten it on video!

All in all, a very good and busy day.  I hope everyone sleeps well tonight.  We have another busy day tomorrow with a carnival after church and then celebrating Popsie's birthday for dinner!  What a weekend!

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