Monday, April 18, 2011

18 months

we survived another well visit today for mr. markey's 18 month check up.  the thing I found so funny today was Zach (the one who was TERRIFIED of the doc @ his 3yr check up) was ALL about Markey being a big boy, hugging and kissing him and telling him it would be okay.  It was very very sweet....but of course I was thinking, why weren't you like this 2 months ago at YOUR visit??  I think Mark may have remembered Z being so scared last time because he was actually shaking at one point!  Thankfully he mellows out very quickly and was barely a sniffle by the time we were out of our room.  So, in honor of Mark's 18 months on this earth are 18 wonderful things about Mark! :)

1.  He now weighs almost 26lbs and is 2'10" tall.  50th percent for weight and 95th for height ;-)
2.  His vocabulary is great for his age.  I can't get over the difference between him and big brother at this age.  He says more words than I can even count, is already putting several words together, and can sing ABCs (although not always in order) and Rain, rain, go away!
3.  One of his fav things to do is bring or hand me things repeatdely and say "here Mama".  It makes me laugh every time!
4. I love his curly locks. They have come back after being chopped twice so maybe he will be a curly head.
5. He is so independent.  He is more than content to just sit and play with his cars on his own.
6. He is totally meat and potatoes kid.  Z is practically a vegetarian I think at times and Mark on the other hand will rarely eat his frutis and veggies.
7.  We finally got off the bottle.  He was fine....mommy hard the harder time.
8.  He is still a great sleeper.  Takes a 2-3 hour nap and sleeps 12-13 hrs at night.
9.  He is a bit of a momma's boy.  Which although is very sweet and endearing at times, can make things difficult to get accomplished.  It also makes for a very sad mommy when I drop him at nursery at church :(
10.  He is a cool dancer, I love his bounce and squat move!
11.  His fav thing is definitely CARS!!!  He lines them up, moves them back and forth, piles them up, whatever!!
12.  He loves his big brother, despite the fact that sometimes big brother loves to mess with him for no other reason than messing with him....Zach can make him laugh and smile like no one else!
14.  He has the best facial expressions....adorable!
15.  He is a big boy....people often cant believe he is only 18 months!
16.  His loveys are his next fav thing to cars....a must for getting a good sleep in.
17.  He is a reader.  He doesn't try to just grab and rip the pages, he actually likes to hear the story!!
18. He loves to snuggle still....making this mommy a very happy mommy!!

I love this little guy so much and am forever grateful that God brought him into this family!  He is such a joy and a big part of this family.  I cannot imagine life without him!  Funny to think if we were on the same track as before...I would be having another baby in 2 months!  Yowsers! :)

Happy 18 months sweet Markey, you will always be my baby boy!!

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  1. Awww... I didn't realize our babies were the same age (or at least close)! Reed just turned 19 months on the 18th.
    Markey seems like a sweetheart!


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