Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Zoo Day

I'll add some pics later cause I did get a few cute ones!  Man, going to the zoo on a Tuesday, the day after a holiday...great plan!  It was EMPTY!  We got a parking spot on the 3rd row and passed even more open spots on the way in!  Sweet.  It was like we had the zoo to ourselves, often the only people at all even in an exhibit.  We got to do some things we usually don't do due to crowds like climb through the tunnel in the aquarium!  Prob the best pic of the day.  Basically its a tunnel that goes through a fish tank, Zach LOVED it and had the biggest smile.  Too cute.  He also got to walk most of the time which was cool, working the new shoes in ;-)  He just loves to be out and about now and it is nice when its not crowded to be able to let him roam some.  

Another first was the carousel...not such a big fan of that.  I think it freaked him out a bit, he had a very serious look and did not want to sit on the giraffe that he had picked out to ride!  Maybe next time!  

All and all a good time was had and topped off by Sonic for lunch.  YUM-O!

Grandpa Dan was in town for work so we got to see him for dinner and a visit and that was nice!  Z showed him his belly button and how the elephant moves, very funny stuff.  

Anyway, operation Toddler Bed is still moving along.  Definitely helping with the crib out.  Oddly, he is sleeping later in the morning which is nice though but weird i think.  He had a tough time falling asleep tonight but I take partial blame for that as naps were only in the car today and we had a Grandpa around at night so he did not want to go to sleep.  Hopefully this week will continue to improve!  

And only 39 days till Mark arrives...OH MY!!!!!!


  1. taking some "real" pics this weekend so I will be sure to post! :)

  2. I can't believe how soon Mark will be here!!! so exciting!


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