Thursday, September 3, 2009

Operation Toddler Bed

Night 1- win to Zach. 

Last night Zach woke up around 4am.  When I opened the door to his room, he was in mid hang.  All it took was the one fall the first time he got out and now he has mastered it.  Swing one leg over, balance in the middle, throw both legs down and hang...and drop.  Easy Peasy.  and crazy to watch.  Anyhow...after seeing he is now climbing out at night and not just when he is mad during timeout, we decided to put together the toddler bed Roxanne loaned us today.  We just put it in the room with the crib and he seemed all excited about it!  Put all his blankies in it, toys, etc.  Kept laying down and pulling his blankets up on him, so I thought, hey, this may be easy?  

At bed time, we did our usual process and then he climbed into the new bed so I was thinking, so far so good!  But as soon as I shut the door, he was out and the crying and banging on the door began!  He rarely cries when we leave him at night so this is definitely out of the ordinary.  I let him go for about 10 min and he seemed to have quieted and then it started again.  I finally went up to check on him and when I opened the door, he had the lamp turned on, diapers everywhere and all his books out.  We patted for me to sit in the glider so I quickly picked up and turned the light out to sit in the chair and he climbed right up.  We sat for about 5 minutes and then I said, "are you ready for bed?" and he got off my lap and walked right up to the crib.  I caved and put him in and he went right to sleep....Win 1 for Z.

So, I read some of your comments on facebook.  Looks like we need to get the crib out of the room and plan to sleep a few nights possibly in there with him....and plan for a tough couple of nights in the beginning.  I wonder if maybe he isn't ready for the bed, but at the same time, I don't like the thought of him jumping out in the middle of the night.  Any more thoughts???

Last note, Mark update.  I was paranoid today after a couple of days of what seemed like in my mind a noticeable decrease in movement.  I called in this morning and they had me come in for a non-stress test.  All is perfectly well and he could just be running out of room or I have just been too stressed to be paying real attention to the movements.  I felt a little silly but my doc was very sweet and reassured me that is what they are there for and always better safe than sorry.  I definitely feel better and also enjoyed the 30 minutes of just laying there and listening to his heart beat.  

Ok, that is long enough for now.  Ill let you know how Operation Toddler Bed goes tomorrow night!  


  1. I'm sorry the toddler bed isn't going over so well yet! I did enjoy the mental imagines of sweet Z wanting his crib, though. :)

    Glad all is well with you and Mark!!!

  2. love the look of the blog. Go zach! and Go mommy!


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