Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pictures and Z's 18 month check up!

Ok, so it was really 19 months but close enough.  Our regular doctor is on family leave with his wife who just had a baby so we had to see someone else but he was really nice too.  Love that we like all the people in this practice!  As suspected, Z has been busy growing! In the last 6 months, he has grown 3 inches and gained just over 3 lbs!  He is 34" tall now which puts him in the 90-97% for height and 26.5 lbs which keeps him right in the 50% for weight.  No wonder with that height spurt he learned to jump out of the crib and pull whatever he wants off the counters!  We had to get 2 vaccinations and the flu shot today.  He screamed like the dickens but thankfully after a few alligator tears, recovered just fine! And the sticker at the end helped too! ;-)  It has been a rainy rainy day here today so our only adventures were to the doctor's office and to lunch. We saw Jessica and Tyler at the doc waiting for their flu shot, too!  

If you are not on facebook, you probably have not seen our family pics yet!  2 Sundays ago my online friend Cassie was in Texas and we got to meet in real life for some pictures!  I swear, they turned out great....and you would be even more impressed had you seen how the shoot itself had gone!  LOL!  A  very curious and fast 1.5 yr old boy wandering around outside makes for a difficult time but you would never know it from the pictures!  We are ordering pics and a cd with images so I cannot post any yet, but let me tell you, they are great!  So excited to have them in my hands soon enough! :)  And thanks for the 100th time to Cassie for coming out to take them!  Wish you lived in Texas so we could have you back in a couple of months to get some with Mark in them too! :)

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  1. Can't wait to see the pictures, I'm sure they are gorgeous!


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