Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thanks Hubs and working for the weekend!

Matt did a wonderful thing today...he cleaned the floors!  As soon as Z and I walked in, I could immediately tell the floors had been swept, vacuumed and mopped.  What a fabulous feeling, especially when you live with hairy pets and an occasional food throwing child, makes for messy dirty floors!  It did make me chuckle because when he came in from the gym and I immediately thanked him, he says "you could tell?".  This amuses me because I am usually the floor taker care-er and he does NOT notice when I clean them.  Oh well.  I am still impressed.  Thanks honey! :)

A few of you have asked about the job front for Matteo.  Unfortunately nothing yet.  He has visited with some head hunters/recruiters and is attending a group called Between Jobs Ministry and of course applying to positions online, so we are just trucking along and hoping the right thing pops up soon enough.  It has been stressful at times as we are adjusting to this new schedule still and both would love to trade places with one another, but all and all, so far its been okay.  Can't last forever, right? ;-)

On the Operation Toddler bed front...tonight was a toughie for some reason?  We have been trying this week to be very consistent on times so we were in Zach's room for books by 7:30 (having already eaten and bathed, etc).  We did the usual books and then he climbed into bed on his own like he was ready.  I rubbed his back for about 5 minutes and then when I got up to leave, he immediately popped up and started crying!  I hurriedly closed the door to which he had followed me to and  he screamed cried for 15 minutes before I headed back in. Repeat. Climbed back into bed, rubbed back, thought he was asleep, got up...screaming ensued again. Waited another 15 minutes before I headed back in for the 2nd time. This time, he climbed back into bed, I reassured him he was okay and just sat next to the bed and he was almost immediately asleep. I guess almost an hour of on and off crying can do that to you. :( Its very hard on me because I am definitely not used to this. Usually we would lay Z in his crib and he would just go to sleep. Of course there were the occasional times where there would be crying, but it just feels different.  I ultimately think we still made the right decision to try to transition because crib acrobatics cannot be safe....but I am hoping we made the right decision.  Once he is asleep, he seems to be doing very well and sleeping even a little later, but we are for sure not to a consistent ease of going to sleep yet....

Well tomorrow is Friday and I am excited about that.  It has been a LONG 3 day week so far!  Tomorrow night I have to make my shower food.  Cannot wait to "shower" Allison on Saturday and of course enjoy the delish food that comes along with that.  And then Sunday we are taking family pics with Cassie!  WOOHOO!  It shall be a good weekend for sure!


  1. No way are you taking pics with our Cassie?!?! I'm so jealous :)
    Praying for you guys, we were in the same position exactly 1 year ago with John September 15th-December 30th. It was stressful but God had a plan and we knew that even though he was meeting with headhunters left and right, interviewing like crazy that we only wanted what God wanted and finally it happend. Hang in there :)

  2. How nice that Matt cleaned the floors!! That is so cute that he said, "You could tell?" Men are hilarious. :)

    I'm sorry about the tough night with the bed. I'm sure it's normal to have those times of regression. I think you are making the right decision, if you stick to it he'll get into the new routine. Then you'll hardly even remember this.

    More prayers for Matt's new job!!!

  3. WOW. I can't wait to see the pictures Cassie takes. So happy you get to see her and get your pictures taken by her. She is amazing.

  4. I have two boys, approx 21 months apart...yours will also be around that timeframe I believe. VERY tiring but nice to have them close in age...they can be on the same football team! Good luck, I will check up on your blog, hope you have time to update when baby brother comes! I remember it all in a bit of a haze!!
    Mine are now 6 & 7 (going 8 soon)
    Good luck, N.


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