Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day!

Thankfully no labor here....but definitely in the home stretch with just over a month to go!

We started our morning off by heading to the mall for some new shoes.  In the last week or so we noticed poor Z's toes were to the end of his shoes and just now finally made it out for shopping.  We went to Stride Rite and I know they are expensive, but when the boy only wears 2 pair really I think they are worth it.  His last pairs lasted like 10 months and if it was not for them being outgrown, they are still in good shape!  Any how, we got a pair of tennis shoes and a pair of brown dress tennis shoes so we are set.  I think Z liked them too as once they were on and he had walked around for me, he went straight to his stroller and climbed in, ready to go!  :)

We decided to cruise the mall to burn off some energy too.  It was the first time we really let him just out and walking.  I know, sounds silly, but always makes me a little nervous.  But he was so good!    He walked just along side the stroller in between Matt and I.  Definitely looking like a bog boy walking along in his size 8 shoes!!  We headed to the indoor play area as our final stop.  It was pretty crowded obviously but Z enjoyed the slides and climbing around.  Saw a fight break out practically between 2 little boys....that was interesting.  They were probably about 3?  Both were playing with this moving toy thing on the wall and started pushing/wrestling over it and then after one shoved the other...the other rared back and hit the other!  Of course, neither one's parents were close OR paying attention.  It was a very awkward sight to witness.  The boy was fine but cried and it was definitely not a good situation.  When Z finished playing and we were headed out...we noticed the mom of the one boy lecturing the other parent...perhaps if either had been paying attention to begin with it would not have happened?!?

Anyway, good morning and tired the Z Man out.  We went up to his room and of course he didn't want to lay down.  I finally just left, and amazingly, only about 2 minutes of fussing and then quiet?  I guess that really is the trick.  I just need to leave and let him do it himself.  He has been quiet for over an hour already so so far so good!!  Perhaps he is getting the hang of this!!  Hopefully tonight will go better too!

I am off tomorrow as well to make up for today's holiday...think we may head to the zoo in the morning so burn off some energy and check up on the animals!  Hope everyone is having a good long Labor Day weekend!


  1. Size 8, wow! Bean's a size 6. :)

    Sounds like everything is going well over there -- new shoes, new bed, and soon-to-be new baby brother. :)

  2. one last thought. you could get a video monitor. and then you wouldn't have to wonder where he is or what he's doing. we love love love ours! :)

  3. Ack, blogger ate my comment ;)

    Just wanted to say I thought Drew had big feet but Zach takes the cake, we just bought shoes for fall/winter today, Drew measured 7.5 and isn't he 6 months older than Z-Man!!

    Good luck with Operation Toddler Bed.


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