Monday, September 7, 2009

Over the hump?

Wow!  Tonight's bedtime went easy peazy!!  Does this mean we are over the hump and going to be okay??  After minimal fussing when I left the room, Z took a 2 hour nap like normal.  When he woke up, we went to the neighborhood pool since it was the last day it would be open for the season.  It was weird, we were like the only ones there!  Nice fun for Z!

I was determined to get as much back to schedule tonight as possible.  Bath time at 7ish followed by books in his room.  We have our little routine as I am sure everyone does.  After books I turn off the lights and we say our prayers.  We finished and were just rocking and Z got off my lap and crawled into bed.  I rubbed his back for a few minutes and said goodnight and a quick kiss and got up.  He sat up when I opened the door to let myself out and cried for about 1 minute and that was it!!  No long goodnight, no banging on the door, almost like back to normal!  Hope it is not a fluke and he just just adjusting to the new bed! :)  So proud of my little man!!!

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  1. This is great! He has done so well at this and so have you and Matt!!


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