Friday, September 4, 2009

Toddler Bed...continued

Night 2- Win Mommy!

Matt said when he got up to Z's room this morning, the light was on (it's a touch base) and Zach was out of the crib again, so I decided we needed to keep on our plan to work on the "big boy" bed.

Since we didn't have time to take the crib down and move it to the other room tonight, I decided to just clean it out instead.  Bumpers out, toys and books out, all blankies out.  We did our usual bed time procedures...bath, read books, etc and then said time to lie down in the big boy bed.  He went over to the crib and I told him it was broken but the big boy bed was perfect for sleeping!  OK, maybe its wrong to say the bed is broken but it seemed to kind of work.  I rubbed his back while in bed for a few minutes and thought he was settling down and then he got frisky again and wanted to play on the bed.  I told him it was night night time and mommy was leaving and gave him a kiss and went out.  He cried and banged on the door for about 10 minutes and then it stopped?  I was pretty sure he was he sleeping on the floor or on the diaper changing pad that he pulled off the table but decided to let it be since it was quiet.  I finally got the nerve to go in after an hour or so and I was sure that he was asleep....and he was laying in his bed!!!  WOOHOO!  Go mommy!  Matt wasn't sure my efforts would pay off or not tonight as he tried for over an hour to get Z to nap in the bed to no avail.  But tonight it worked!

Now to see if Grandma can handle it tomorrow night when she is watching the Z Man....

Operation Toddler bed continues!!


  1. Woo hoo, way to go mommy!! I am loving following this new adventure. But I imagine it's more fun from my vantage point. :)

  2. The things that mommies do! Congrats on the WIN! 1-1!


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