Sunday, September 6, 2009

3 and 4

Well last night was tough, mom was babysitting while we went to Jeff and Kelley's housewarming/wedding celebration.  We got home around 9 and grandma had been trying since around 8:15 to get him to bed.  He was just crying and so I went in and rubbed his back and he actually fell asleep in about 10-15 minutes.  Only negative was he was up early at 7am even with staying up late.  So I will say day 3 was a draw.

Today was definitely mixed.  Nap time was blah.  He would NOT lay in the bed for nap time.  He some how actually climbed into the crib.  I by this time had to take a potty break so I left the room while he was crying in the crib and he decided to fall asleep for 2.5 hours.  Much needed but still frustrated that it was not in the bed... :(  

My parents came over tonight and we took the crib apart.  Zach actually didn't seem to mind it being gone so that was good.  When it was finally bed time, the Z acts like he is excited about bed, goes over to bed, etc etc etc but just will not lay down and go to sleep.  After being in there for over 30+ minutes, I decided I just needed to leave.  He cried and banged on the door for about 5 minutes...and that was it?  I haven't gotten the nerve to open the door and see if he went into bed or not, BUT I am hopeful!  I will call today a draw again too and pray that tomorrow goes better and know that I just need to leave and let him be!!


  1. I know you just took apart the crib but did you think about a crib tent? I don't know how you feel about them but it sounds to me like he does better with the crib...

    Eeek, don't hate me for rocking the boat. But, if it was me, and he continued to lose sleep because of the toddler bed, I might look into a crib tent.

    That said, I hope Z starts sleeping well in his big boy bed!!! :)

  2. totally hear ya, sarah! I was actually reading in the "what to expect toddler years" book today and it mentioned the crib tent but I think he would FREAK! So, I am resigned to give it a week and see what happens. Cause I agree, I definitely dont want him to be missing sleep. Like I said, even with going to bed later, he still seems to be averaging about 10 hours at night....the naps are currently the issue. We will see what time he wakes up tomorrow and how nap time goes as well with the crib being gone now!

    Parenting is HARD! ;-)


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