Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat!!

Zach had a BLAST trick or treating. We had planned on going to just a couple houses but he was having such a good time we ended up going all the way around our section! He was quite the appreciative trick or treater too offering "thank yous" and "bye byes" and even a hug for once lucky man! ;-) He was definitely on a sugar high by the end of the evening but was all worth it for the good time had by Z and Daddy and the rest of our clan!

(This morning Grammy gram took him on a walk and reported back that Z still thought it was Halloween as he was trying to head up to people's doors again today! HA!)


  1. How cute, your little pirate!! It cracks me up that he tried to go up to houses this morning to trick or treat. :)

  2. Such a cutie, sounds like y'all had a great night! When we left the house this afternoon Drew yelled 'trick or treat' and took off running down the sidewalk, our silly boys!!


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