Sunday, November 15, 2009

4 weeks!

REALLY? Wowsers! How time flies when you are having fun! I truly cannot believe a month has passed already! Mark is a fabulous little dude and I am enjoying our time together!

Things just for me to remember:
*You are a very chill baby and really only fuss when hungry
*You are NOT into your binkie, very opposite your older brother!
*You LOVE to be in the Moby wrap or just to be held. Often in the middle of the night, you will just sleep in bed with me after eating because you fall back to sleep instantly there!
*You aren't a real fan of the swing either, preferring just to be held!
*Your witching hour seems to be around 730-9ish, often coinciding with brother's bedtime! You two are conspiring against us already, HA!
*You are a precious sweet little boy and I still cannot get over that hair! love it!

Happy 4 weeks, Mark! :)


  1. Happy 4 weeks!! It sounds like you all are doing an amazing job fitting together as a new family of four. Congratulations and here to much happiness in the many, many more weeks to come. :)

  2. It is amazing how different siblings can be.
    Happy 4 weeks!


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