Friday, November 13, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Chriiiiistmas!

No seriously, it is! Thanksgiving is still 2 weeks away but I am seeing Christmas decor out everywhere already. A shopping center by our house already has out their wreaths and lights, the grocery store aisles are filled with Christmas cookies and decorations and candy, the Christmas installation signs are out and yes....I have seen a house with lights up and ON as of last night. WOW. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas and everything that goes along with it, but I also believe Thanksgiving should get its full glory and no Christmas decor until AFTER turkey day is over! I will be listening to Christmas tunes and probably have our tree up by the end of Thanksgiving weekend, but still, that's after! ;-)

Thursday my mom and I made the big adventure with Mark to the infamous Nutcracker Market. We have been going for like 10 years now so why would we let us a little 8lb ball of love stop us?? Thankfully, I have the magical Moby wrap and we were there for about 5-6 hours! Mark was PERFECT! We have been using the wrap a lot already so we were both very comfortable in using it. Seriously, he slept the whole time. We would take breaks to just sit in a quiet spot and let him stretch his legs and of course eat and then he would happily pop back into his little cuddle ball. I did, however, feel like a bit of an attraction. I could not tell you how many times I was either stopped to ask a) how old he was? b) comment on his adorableness c) ask to take a peek at him d) mention what a cool wrap I had or e) my all time favorite and for real comment "I thought you had the biggest boobs I have ever seen until I got close and see there is a baby in there!" Nice...... All and all, a good time was had by mom although it was a little more tiring with baby in tow. I did not spend my usual wad of cash, chalk it up to being a little more fiscally conscious with the whole unemployed thing we have going on. The good part about it was I actually got some gifts for other people this year as well as my book club ornament, woot woot! Always feels good to check some things off the Christmas Shopping List!! Now need to refocus my online shopping efforts and get some things ordered from the multitude of toy catalogs I get and we should be a good dent into having shopping complete!!

Tomorrow is my friend Holly's wedding. We have RSVPed yes and I am hoping we get to go, even if just for a couple of hours. She has been a good friend coming to all my wedding and baby showers and birthday events and I am looking forward to being a witness on her special day. My parents have been all set up to watch the boys (still lovin saying that) so pending my dad doesn't end up having to go out of town for work, I will have my first hours away from my precious wee wun...wish me luck (and in finding something to wear...that thought JUST now crossed my mind, YIKES!)


**(One random note...I am 99.9% sure I saw Kristen Alfonso (aka-Hope Brady from Days of Our Lives) at the Nutcracker Market yesterday. She has a jewelry line apparently and I saw her booth there. When we were walking out around 6 last night...I either passed her or she has one heck of a look a like out there!) :)

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  1. I am super excited for all the Christmas stuff. :) Normally I would agree with you about Thanksgiving, but for the past 6 years we've been on our own for that holiday, so it hasn't been quite as special without the extended fam.

    Glad to hear the happiness in your "voice" -- have a wonderful time at the wedding!


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