Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Sweetest Thing....

Had to share this story. After the first week with a few smacks to the baby, Zach has just been the sweetest big brother and really loves his "baby". He loves to hug him and just see him.

Well tonight was the cutest yet....after bath time, my mom and I were in Zach's room with Zach and Mark. Mom and I were sitting on the floor and she laid Mark down on the floor on one of Z's pillows. Z came over and we thought he was going to just pull the pillow out from under poor Mark's head but he was actually adjusting it for him. Then he got HIS pillow and laid it right next to Mark's. Next Z got a blanket and covered Mark up and got a blanket for himself. He then proceeded to get his own binkie as well as one for Mark and then a stuffed animal for each of them and then curled up under his blanket next to Mark. It was ADORABLE! There were both of my boys, side by side, with the pillows, blankets, binkies, and stuffed animal. It was a vision I hope of times to come when they are having slumber parties together! So cute! I wish I had my camera but I left it at Allison's I called Matt up to see and he got it on video, we will see what turns out!


  1. THAT is so stinkin sweet. this is a sign, they will be best friends for sure. check that prayer request off the list :). i am so happy for you!

  2. Oh my goodness...that is the sweetest thing!!

  3. It is the best ever! I love that stuff!



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