Sunday, November 15, 2009

2nd time around!

We made it out to the wedding and it was great to see Holly on her special day and of to hang out with friends. I am so very very thankful to have my folks live close by and that they are more than willing to babysit almost any time. Getting dressed for the wedding was NOT fun but I think I ended up looking presentable at the least. I am definite need of some non-maternity cute clothes though!!

Leaving Mark for the first time out was not near as difficult as leaving Zachary was. I guess it is just being used to everything and relaxed knowing my folks do such a great job watching the boys! ;-) We had only planned to stay till about 7ish, but when I called and checked in and mom said all was well so we were able to stay until 9 for the couple's departure. Thankfully I had brought the pump with me so I took a good 20 minute break somewhere in there to take care of business!

All and all, the first hours away from Mark went very well. I was actually able to enjoy the time away unlike the first time from Z. It was nice and much needed. Thanks parents! :)

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