Friday, November 6, 2009

My name is Lisa....

And I am a bfing, ffing, disposable diapering (don't know the acronym for this one, ha!), bwing, co-sleeping, natural birthing (cause it was SO planned ya know!), WOHM to 2 precious boys!! You gotta own it all, right? :)

Cannot believe that Mark will be 3 weeks old already on Sunday. Time surely does fly! I have said it already, but so far...he is SUCH a good baby! I pray it lasts! He is just a peaceful chill little dude and really the only time he fusses is when hungry or when the cold wipes touch his bum. He is NOT a fan of the wipes! He is also a major snuggle bug. If he does happen to get upset when it not food or diaper related, all it takes is some cuddling and he relaxes. That is how the co-sleeping got started. After the middle of the night feeding (3-4ish) he never seems to be able to get settled back into the bassinet. But as soon as I hold him and bring him into bed, he is lights out for the next 3 hours. Can't deny it, I love sleeping with him too.

As for the whole feeding thing, UGH. I am frustrated but accepting again that formula is not evil. Silly, silly I know. So, for now, sometimes we nurse, sometimes we drink pumped and sometimes we have formula! Days when Z is at school I seem to be able to nurse much easier. Perhaps its the less stress and more time to focus. Anyhow, he is getting the nutrients he needs from formula as well as the benefits of the breast milk that he does get. From reading different things though, I do wonder more about the whole PCOS and bfing relationship. My "girls" never grew during either pregnancy, nor have they either time with bfing so I wonder if maybe I have insufficient mammary tissue that I have read about. I have a post-natal appointment next week and may talk to my OB about taking a prescription to see if that would help with supply too. We shall see.

And the baby wearing, I am loving my moby. Mostly used it for going out on walks so far, but it is really comfortable and Mark falls to sleep almost instantly in it. My mom and I are thinking about venturing out to the Nutcracker Market next Thursday and that would be the big test of it for sure. But so far, I give it 2 thumbs up!

Other than all that, things are going very well. The boys and us are getting used to our new schedule all together and for the most part it flows pretty well. Not sure about the rest of you but we are still cursing Daylight Savings Time. We had Zach to where he was getting up in the mornings between 8-8:30 every day...and now its more like 6:45-7:30! Drats! I hope he goes back to his old sleepy ways at some point! :)

I am glad it is Friday. Having pizza with some friends tonight and then Caroline's 2nd birthday party is tomorrow! Matt and Zach will be there for sure...I have not decided if Mark and I will venture out or not yet. I could definitely use a break from the house but not sure about taking the wee wun out just yet....

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. So I haven't commented until now b/c I didn't want to seem in any way discouraging towards bf'ing, but I think you are doing an EXCELLENT job, and like you said ff'ing is not evil and any amount of breast milk is good. We can only do what we can do and I'm glad you are feeling at peace with things. Just remember this too shall pass and life will get SO much easier!!!!

    Keep up the good work mama!

  2. Yes, Daylight Savings is evil. I hate it, hate it, hate it! He's adapted pretty well by now (how many weeks has it been?) but still not as regular as before the change.

    Be careful, babywearing is addicting!!! In three months you'll be emailing me, asking for my next recommendation. He he he.


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