Tuesday, November 17, 2009

All I Want for Christmas....

I actually have a list this year! What about you? Have you started compiling your list for yourself or your wee ones yet?

For me, I want a kindle or a nook(BN version). I am a SERIOUS book lover...meaning, I actually love the physical book itself, the smell of the crisp new pages (especially in a (ahhhh) hardback book!!), the book jacket, folding down the pages and occasionally even marking specific passages in books!! BUT, the bookshelf OVERFLOWITH!!! I think the kindle could help me read some of our book club choices that may not be my personal choice but that I still want to read...and then I can save the "real" books for my personal time when I get to venture into B&N and pore over the books on my own!

I also need some new wine glasses. In the last couple months, I swear Matt and I have broken about 5 of them between the two of us. I guess cause they are old and cheap, time has finally caught up with them, and they are done for. Don't need anything fancy, just something to sip out of and keeps from serving the guests in plastic cups! :)

As for the kiddos...I am so torn on this. I can think of about a MAZILLION things for the Z Man (anything Thomas the train, cars, blocks, outdoor, sports, etc) and about nothing for Mark??? Its not personal, but the poor dude will be like 2.5 months for his first Christmas. Its not like he will be playing with toys and we obviously still have toys and clothes from Z. Umm, I guess he can get money for college? HA! Thoughts on this from anyone who's little one was LITTLE for their 1st Christmas?

And what about you, Mommas?? What is on your list? IS there any cool item out there that I am missing out on and cannot live without, besides the kindle and the wine glasses? :)


  1. I personally love anything that arrives in a blue box, but you may have me convinced on the Kindle, since I have three BIG boxes of books in storage and my bookshelves are still overflowing. As for the little one, just get him clothes - you know he'll need them eventually. Also you can always get one of those "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments just so he isn't left out.

  2. great choice in kindle, I really love mine. I also need some wine glasses. If i ever want people to match I have to use my crystal. Mike is also getting the two of us tickets to pinot and picasso, that will be my fav present of the year i bet!

  3. Go for the Nook over Kindle.

  4. Oooh, fun stuff Lisa. I would love a kindle too!

    DH and I are asking for Best Buy gift cards from everyone so we can get one of those fancy and obscenely expensive digital SLR cameras. My camera now is just point-and-shoot, which I do like, but the picture quality is rather poor. It makes me sad to look back at pictures of Bean and see them blurry with red eyes.

  5. the kindle is a great idea! my sister and dad have one- and they can somehow share stories they have purchased... not sure if it has to be on the same account or what- but that would be nice to be able to save money and share purchased stories!!
    I don't have a list this year... we aren't "doing" christmas this year- because we are all going on our cruise.. but jewlery is always nice! (gift cards for massages, too!)


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