Monday, April 27, 2009

Tutu fun!

I made Julia a tutu for her 1st birthday present and must say I think it turned out really cute!  I used to be much more crafty and I really enjoyed making it!  If you want one, let me know! ;-)

Poor Zach had to be my just one pic to show off!  The others are of Miss Julia and Miss Macey modeling in their jammies at the party! :)


  1. Now THAT is a blackmail picture if I've ever seen one. Sorry Zach! ;-)

  2. we LOVE LOVE it! It is seriously the cutest tutu I've could prob sell these for $$...try etsy! I will take a good picture of her and send it your way. if it ever stops raining we might go outside for the picture. Thanks for your home made gift, those are always the sweetest!


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