Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu

So apparently the first confirmed death due to swine flu was a 22 month old Mexican boy who was brought to a Houston hospital from Brownsville. Should we be concerned? I don't like to buy into panic but obviously with a little one running around and one in utero, it is a little scary too! What can we do but be extra vigilent in our hand washing and such? Especially since Z likes to grab and touch everything and then put into mouth! ugh. Guess I will just watch him and be sure to get to doctor at first sign of illness....

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  1. We are avoiding the zoo & other public places for now. We are even avoiding my MIL b/c she teaches ESL - seems a little harsh but I cannot let my babies get sick. Jackson still puts his hands in his mouth when he's tired & Ella has had frequent ear infections. Hopefully we will learn more & decide that we have over-reacted.


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