Sunday, April 26, 2009

Garage Sale

Our neighborhood is having their annual subdivision wide garage sale on Saturday and I think we are going to try to sell some junk priceless things we have stored in our garage.  I must admit I have never had a garage sale before.  I think I may have gathered some stuff together for other people's but never one of my own.  The point of a garage sale to me is to attempt to get some extra cash for stuff that would otherwise be going to goodwill.  Matt on the other hand thinks we can get some decent cash off things.  For example, he has a lovely entertainment center from about 8 years ago we need to get rid of.  It is nice, wooden with glass door but just a little of of date, etc.  I say we can get $30.  He thinks at least $50.  granted, he bought the thing for like $250 but I don't think people go to garage sales looking to spend $50 on something.  What do you think?  We also have an ikea desk, nice glass table and tons of other stuff that just needs out of the garage!  Ooh, the other thing.....the custom drapes that were in the house when we moved in.  The previous owners paid like $6k for them all, but they were just colors and styles that did not go with us.  So, these I feel like perhaps we should try to get something for...but then again...they are "custom 20 foot" drapes that went with our house...not someone else.  What to charge?  

Any garage sale tips appreciated and if you have some junk stuff you want to get rid of too, come on over on Saturday!  I'll supply the drinks! :)


  1. Poor guy, glad those teeth popped through and hopefully he's feeling better soon! As far as the garage sale my vote is to price things higher to allow some wiggle room for when people try to talk you down. If you price it at $50 and they talk you down to $30 or $40 they feel like they are getting a deal and you are getting what you want too. Have fun, I love garage saleing!!

  2. We priced things to move at our garage sale. That being said, I think Mary has a point -- $50 to price it is fine, but expect to get $30 or $40. Nothing will sell for what it's marked for. Good luck!!


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