Thursday, April 2, 2009

Quick Funny Story

We have a little ritual after bath time of running around naked down the hall.....or I should say Zachary does!!  I really need to get it on video because it is hilarious and he giggles uncontrollably every time.  And even if he trips and falls or something, it never seems to hurt while he's naked!  Strange!

But anyway....tonight during the nightly ritual he wandered back into the bathroom and it got quiet for a second or Matt peeks in and there is poo on the floor and it LOOKED like Zach was about to be into it!!  NASTY!  and funny too.  Silly boy.  Needless to say that ended the naked fun for the evening....

The pics are from a couple of weeks ago but helps with the visual!  ;-)

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  1. LMAO - That kid loves to poop on the floor, does he not? LOL


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