Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rain rain go AWAY!

Ok, enough already with the rain! We had a serious downpour yesterday afternoon which resulted in our very dirty playground visit....well what started at 2pm yesterday has NOT let up! This morning while I was getting ready and watching the news...I noticed all my routes into work were flooded! Thankfully I was able to stay home and work from here. Matt had taken the Z Man into school so I could actually work....but then they were back an hour later. He had been waiting for a bus for over 40 min and only one had come in that time and there was a line out the wazoo to get on whenever they did come! Apparently the HOV lanes are flooded too. So, back he went to get Z and watched him while I worked this morning. I had plans to go in this afternoon, but it is STILL raining over there on this side of town and the last thing I want to do is get to work and then not be able to get home!! Thankfully I have a great co-worker who is going to take care of some things for me from the office that I cannot get into from home. I hope it lets up soon....I want lunch and nothing here sounds good! Hope where ever you are you are staying dry!!

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