Monday, May 23, 2011

Sucked in

to another season of The Bachelorette.  I know, it's so silly...but there is nothing else on now that summer is here and well, I can't resist the drama.  It's one of the few reality tv shows we watch and yes, we watch it together, LOL.

Matt and I both agreed, the beginning with the guys is way worse.  They all seem like such dufuses with their introductions!!  As Matt says, it's the unintentional comedy that comes from it all that makes us keep watching.

So far, mask guy and the bad guy, Bentley, are already annoying...and the previews, oh lordie, should be an interesting season.

Matt and I thought wine guy should win for best introduction.  He seemed genuine and was able to tell something about himself without being totally cheesy about it.

And we liked Matt too...another seemingly normal dude, although the very staged phone call to his mom was a little cheesy.
I was never a big Ashley fan from the previous season, she was a little whiny....but I always hope it works out for them in the end.  (Although I think Bachelor Pad may have more successes than the original shows!) :)

So....anyone else out there watching??

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  1. I watch!!! embarrassed to admit but I just love making fun of how ridiculous the whole thing is!!!


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