Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Back in the saddle again....

That's what I have been singing to myself all this week!  After a long kid-less weekend of adult fun at the beach, a really crappy run on Tuesday after 4 days off, and gaining 0.8lbs this week, I am fully back on track.  Times before I would have let a small setback like that really get me down.  But not this time.  Celebrations and setbacks are just a part of life. And since I am not just "dieting" this time and really wanting to make a lifestyle change, I have to learn to get through weeks like this.

Am I bummed that I totally failed my run for the first time in nearly 7 weeks and that I had a gain this week?  Of course!!  But did I totally have a great weekend with my friends, managed to make some good choices in a house full of bad snacks and food, and ONLY gain 0.8lbs after 4 days at the beach and no exercising??  FOR SURE!!

I hope all of you out in bloggyland had a fabulous Memorial weekend.  I am thankful to my parents who watched the boys ALL WEEKEND and survived (although I don't think they will be beating down my door to babysit that long anytime again soon!).  We really are so lucky to have such great parents in our lives who give up their holiday weekend so we could have fun with our friends.  And of course thankful for all the men and women who serve in our military who allow us to enjoy all the freedoms we have!

We are working on de-programming the boys from their weekend away from home too.  Z seems to have recovered quickly (which the irony is not lost on since he was the more....challenging one shall we say??) but Mark is taking a bit longer.  My usually very easy going boy has been VERY clingy and a real bear to put to bed.  I am praying it is just a phase...please Lord just be a short phase! ;-)

And of course, a couple of recent pictures of the stinkers princes!!  Craziness and all, I sure did miss them after 3 nights away and was glad to have them back home in my arms! :)

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