Saturday, May 7, 2011

Just popping in to say he got in the water today!!  we were a little worried when class started since he was already crying....but we had a nice girl name Shauna who seems to have won z over.  Matt could see a lot more since he was in the viewing room, but once Z got over the 5 minutes of crying....he relaxed and had FUN!  By the end, he was hugging coach Shauna and high fiveing and smiling.  WHEW.  I think we are going to be okay.  Shauna said that she planned to be his coach for the new few weeks as he got more comfortable and that she was surprised how good he actually was in the water!  Maybe next week we will have no crying at all! (too much to ask for??) :)

Mark had a great time again too.  This kid has no fear.  His biggest challenge was having to wait till 3 to jump in the water!

All in all, leaps and bounds better than last week.  Since we bribed the boys with getting a prize if they did better today, we may a quick stop at Walmart and let them pick out a new car.

This day just keeps getting better! :)

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  1. WOO HOO! That is great news. So happy to see this. I wish we had a coach that was willing to work more with Pea. They were 16 year olds teaching and no patience or willingness to just take her and get her to that comfort level. He is going to be a fish soon.


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