Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Going out on a Tuesday night is TOUGH!  Man was I tired today, and feeling my age a bit for sure.  My funny commentary from the concert was that Matt made some remark about where all the young people were??  I replied that most people under 20 probably hardly even knew who Bon Jovi was unless their PARENTS listened to them ;-)

Nonetheless, it was a fun time and I enjoyed our floor seats and standing and screaming and singing along for 2+ hours!  Thanks again honey for the fab Valentine's present!  More than anything I enjoyed our rare  kid-free night out with my man, we need to do that more often.  Many thanks to the parents for stepping in and babysitting...and on my mom's birthday! (I owe her a birthday post still...)

And although I missed my first Tuesday exercise for the first time in over 2 months, I caught up tonight and survived.  I was tired and it started off rough, but I can actually tell it is getting easier.  I need some good running songs though.  Listening to Pandora isn't dependable enough and I can really tell what a catchy fast song does to my pace.  Any suggestions??

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