Friday, February 4, 2011

This is what happens when mommy is working and the boys find lipstick....

I was in the office today and Matt was home with the boys thanks to the great non-existent snow storm that never was.....
Apparently hubs had gone to the bathroom and came out and heards LOTS of giggling.....and when up to find this!
Well, at least they had a good time. The carpet and a couple pillows didn't fare as well. Daddy popped them in the tub
for a good scrub but they BOTH look like they have weird rashes or birthmarks. I guess red lipstick stains your skin.
Any tips on how to get it out of the carpet??


  1. Eek! Here's what I found in a google search, good luck!!

  2. oh cool, thank you so much SMiLeD! I will try the GooGone!

  3. Must be hard to clean it.But,the boys are having fun.How you handle them?please visit my blog

  4. This is too cute Lisa. I have never had this experience yet with either of the kids. I have found Pea with eye shadow before but thankfully no incidents with lip stick. Good luck getting that out of the carpet.

  5. AHHH! Priceless . . .and good luck with the carpet!!!

  6. Love it! So funny! These are the best moments! Glad you got pics.


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