Friday, February 11, 2011

He's 3!

When did it happen???  My baby is a little boy.  Today at 4:14pm it will be 3 years since I became a mommy and welcomed my spirited little Zachary into this world.  I love this kid.  I see so much of myself and of Matt in his personality.  He is full of energy and vigor, loves fiercely, has a stubborn streak that I have NO idea where it comes from (haha, im sure both matt and I's parents have no question where it comes form), and just simply has a joy for life.  Don't get me wrong, he can be a stinker like all 3 year olds....but that's just part of being 3 sometimes.  I LOVE that he still wants to snuggle with me and is great at giving hugs and kisses.  I LOVE that he will go hug his brother and exclaim "I love you markey".  And even though at times I just want him to leave Mark alone, I do love that he wants to be with his brother and play.  I hope that continues for a long long time.  Right now they are sitting at a table and coloring together and Zach is helping Markey pick out colors....those are the times I love!

Things about Zachary these days:
*Anything sports related.  The other day he told me "Sports make me happy".  Well kid, i think you got lucky and are in the perfect family for that!  He is pretty good I think too and I am excited to maybe have him start playing soccer soon!
*He loves all cars, trucks, trains, motorcycles...basically any mode of transport.
*He is very into little people and figurines.  Playmobil sets have been good for that.
*Could stay outside and play forever....this cold weather has been tough on us!
*Has a great memory...don't make any promises you can't keep cause he WILL call you out on it.
*Is very particular about his stuff and the way things are done, kinda like dad ;-)

I took the day off and have enjoying just chilling with my boys today.  Think we will do lunch and then go to B&N to claim our FREE birthday cupcake!

Happy Birthday, Z Man!  

February 11, 2008
 1st Birthday Party

 2nd Birthday Party

So thankful God picked us to be his family.  Beyond grateful to be Z's Mommy.  And so very excited to continue to watch Zachary grow into the wonderful boy and man I know he will be!


  1. Happy Birthday Z! This made me tear up. Granted I am pretty hormonal right now..but so sweet!

  2. Love these birthday posts. He's a blessing!


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