Thursday, February 10, 2011

lessons in sewing

Tonight I attempted my 2nd project....a coffee cozy.  I managed to break a needle, sew my fastener inside my fabric requiring me to rip out my stitches and re-sew it, and have my ribbon facing the wrong way.  BUT.....I did it, and flaws and ended up pretty cute.   I used some really cute Riley Blake fabrics which totally adds to its cuteness. I just may have to stop at Starbucks on the way to work tomorrow to put it into action.  I used this tutorial from allfreesewing which linked back to this original tutorial.  The whole hair elastic thing was what bent my needle so I just used some ribbon instead. Be smart unlike me and if you decide to use ribbon, pick some that is double sided!

A couple things I have learned so far:

*Sewing takes some patience....something I am not always good at having.
*Ironing really does make things look better despite the fact that I HATE is worth it and a necessary step.
*Use your manual.  Sounds silly, right?  Without my mom here though, I had to figure out how to thread the machine and change a needle on my own!

I got a little frustrated, but I did it!  And now tomorrow I can show off my new cozy while drinking my tall skinny vanilla latte!

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