Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My first sew

After having the sewing machine for over a month...I finally busted it out of the box and have it set up in my room.

I saved some old sweaters from one of my recent closet purges and decided to give Brassy Apple's sweater pillow tutorial a try! Hers look WAY better than mine, but hey, I have now sewn something on the sewing machine.  I added the sash which I think looks pretty cute.  Its basically a big long tube.  Who knew sewing a straight line could be "sew" hard!

 She does look cute though over on the chair in the corner if I do say so myself.  Notice the little conversation blocks over on the table?
 I whipped those up a couple weeks ago. Easy peasy painting and then cut out some vinyl on my silhouette.  woohoo!  (Please pay no attention to the very dusty table...)

I have about 100 blogs and links saved up of projects I want to tackle....and a pile of fabric I have bought for them...but now to find the time and the courage to really try them.  Is it weird but I am scared to even cut the fabric???  Perhaps Ill try the valances for the game room this weekend.  The boys won't care if they end up un-even! :)


  1. LOVE THIS! You are amazing. Where do you find the time. Can't wait to see more.

  2. You are so amazing. I love everything you make!


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