Thursday, August 20, 2009

What a day

I had quite a crappy time during lunch today. I headed to Best Buy to purchase a portable DVD player and some kiddo movies.  We are headed to Abilene this weekend to see Matt's mom, grandma, and sister/family which is about a 5+ hour trip and I am hoping that possibly it will keep the toot entertained some?! We can only hope...

Anyway, I decided to stop at Chickfila for a quick lunch and headed to the drive through.  I was in Matt's car today so he could get my oil changed and Silver Streak would be ready for her big drive tomorrow.  This Chickfila is notorious for being super busy too so I was in the middle of a long line of hungry cars!  I stepped off the brake to move up in line and when I went to step back on the brake my foot hit the floor board....and I hit the car in front of me!!  UGH!  UGH for hitting the car and UGH for what the heck is wrong with my brakes?!?!?!?!?!  The passenger of the car I hit got out and checked out her friend's car and thankfully there was no damage.  I am shaking like a leaf because I keep trying the brakes and nothing is happening and wondering how am I going to get out of this dang drive thru line and thinking how much worse this could have been had I not just been in a drive through lane...

An employee came over to see what was wrong since I was crying and my car was not moving and the line was pilling up even more behind me and I explained my dilemma.  He was an older grandfatherly man and very calming.  He witnessed my foot flat to floor while in drive and the car moving forward anyway so at least I knew I wasn't crazy!  We ended up making sure the line ahead of me was cleared out and then I coasted into a parking spot up ahead.  

Oddly, it seemed my brakes were now working again but I still had to practically have my foot on the floor to stop.  I realized I could not drive home not knowing if this was a fluke or if something was actually wrong and decided to chance a short drive to auto shop.  The thought of going 70mph on the way home and not having brakes to stop scared the beejeesus out of me!  Turns out brake system was fine but the master cylinder was broken, whatever that means ;-)  They were able to fix it today too which was great and I am just very thankful the stupid thing wore off when and where it did and not on my commute home!  As mom says, my guardian angel was watching over me today and I am very thankful for that, Thanks rach!!

So that was my crappy day.  It may sound not scary, but let me tell you, it was!!


  1. That sounds HORRIBLY scary!!! I am so glad that you and the baby are okay!!!

    Hopefully you were able to put your feet up tonight and relax.

  2. That is so scary!! I bet your blood pressure was through the roof! Hope you can have a good RELAXING trip.

  3. That does sound awful, thank goodness everything is ok and thank goodness for good grandfatherly like samaritans willing to help! Did you ever get that lunch??

    Have fun on your trip!


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