Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fun Weekend in Abilene

After the very crappy day on Thursday, we headed out of town on Friday to visit Matt's fam in Abilene.  I was very nervous about the 5.5+ hour drive with Zach, but he did so good both ways!  Slept about 2-3 hours each way thankfully and was pretty content and happy during the awake times too!  We got in early Friday evening and had supper at the house.  Zach showed Nonna that her house was not baby proofed so we basically followed him around for 30 minutes and anything he went to pick up we hid or moved out of his reach!  They should have a fun time putting the house back together today ;-)

Saturday we headed to the Zoo.  Since we are Houston Zoo members, they are part of the reciprocity zoos and we got in free!  Woohoo!  It is a small zoo but seemed like you could get up close and personal which was pretty neat.  In fact, you can feed the giraffes!!  There is a giant bridge that goes across their house and you can feed them.  Z seemed a little startled at first but once he saw another kiddo do it, he was ALL over it.  We had a really good time just wandering around and checking out all the animals.  We seemed to have timed it really well too cause all of the animals were awake and out and about which was fun for Z.

We got home just in time for Julie (Matt's sis) and her crew to arrive.  Levi is just about 3 years old and man, the boys just had FUN!  Running in circles, playing with cars, blocks, whatever!  Good cousin time.  It was a bit of a glimpse into our future life with 2 boys too!  Julie had brought Levi's Matchbox cars and tracks and I think Matt had just as much fun as the little boys did setting it all up.  He has great plans for the tracks he will build in our house one day now....

Oh, and Zach slept in a twin bed last night!  The two little fellas were pretty wound up still after bath time and circling the house naked for awhile, so when we finally attempted bed time, it was hard to settle down.  I ended up just laying down with Z in the twin bed and he went right to sleep.  About an hour later, I moved him to his pack n play.  Around 1am, I heard him wide awake and went in and we laid in the twin again and right back to I just put some pillows in the crack by the wall and a blanket on the floor and he slept all night!!  Which could be a good thing since tonight at home when he was in the crib for a time out, I turned my back and he JUMPED OUT!  Perhaps we will be moving to bed sooner than planned!

Anyway, all and all a fun weekend!  Got some cute pics and will post later for those that don't want to read all this!  Hope you had a good weekend too! 

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  1. Wow, that does look/sound like fun! The naked slide had me cracking up. :)

    Oh, I know you were looking for movies to watch. We saw "I Love You, Man" last night. Has some raunchy dialog, but it was funny!


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