Monday, August 10, 2009

Children's Museum and busy weekend

Today we took a family trip to the Children's Museum!  I wasn't sure what to expect as we got a late start (got there around 11:30ish and Z usually naps around 12:30) so I was thinking it could be a short trip....but I guess Zach had so much fun he didn't care that he was totally missing his nap! ;-)  They have a very cool room just for toddlers and a TON MORE STUFF for Z to do when he is older!!  At first glance at the Tot Room, I was kind of thinking, what was all the hype, but clearly they know what they were doing cause we were in there forever and Z was having a BLAST!  :)  Unfortunately my camera battery died half way through, but I will post some pics later from what I did get!!  Good times!  We wandered around the whole museum to see what else was there and it is definitely cool, even with the hefty $7/pp price tag!!

Heading back to work tomorrow...I feel like I have been off forever with having Friday off too.  It was a good extended weekend.  Friday I went to the Ruckus Room with Amy and Caroline which was a blast!  Z was so much more adventerous from when we were there last and so all boy, tumble bumble every where!  He even climbed up the super tall slide somehow and squealed with glee all the way down!  Great fun for only $4!  Saturday was JP's 2nd birthday and of course anything with cake and ice cream is always fun.  Good times just hanging with friends and watching the kids be silly.  And sunday was church, Chuy's and evening with Grandma and Popsie over so thats always fun too!  Z spent some naked time in the baby pool, best $10 ever spent, he LOVES the pool!

We also watched a bunch of crappy movies though, I need some suggestions of what to rent!  I picked Mama Mia which was not crappy but I had seen the musical so nothing new if that makes sense. Matt picked Stepbrothers and Tropic of Thunder, both of which were horrible.  They just were not funny!  Matt is also getting into full job swing mode.  His resume is just about complete so hopefully can get it out to some people this week and see if we can find some good leads.  Any prayers and job leads are appreciated.

No new news in regards to #2 except that it is getting closer and closer to his arrival!  Have my check up tomorrow.  Can't believe we are just 2 months away!  Things are so different with the 2nd, that is for sure.  We have got to get into high gear with getting the boys' rooms ready.  Main priority is getting furniture for Zach so we can move the baby furniture into the other room (which needs to be cleaned out and painted!)  And decide on a name!!!  I just can't seem to decide on the first name.  The middle name is definitely set on Wendell in honor of my daddy, but I am having a hard time with the 1st!!  

I guess that's about it for now!  Hoping the week is short and easy!! :)


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend. Glad you and Amy were able to go out for a while. Baby number two will be here before you know it! I love the middle name - a good choice! It would be cool if you pick another W name for the first name so his monogram can be WWW! Of course, then maybe kids will call him .com or something silly like that. Have fun back at work!

  2. I love when children's museums have a special tot room! Sometimes it's hard to find activities for a little guy like Bean. Glad you had fun!

    Definitely saying prayers for Matt's job search.

    I am trying to think of good movies to recommend, but we haven't had too much luck lately either. Benjamin Buttons was pretty good, if long. Coraline was good, if you like the "Nightmare Before Christmas" type of flick. Now we are obsessed with "Twin Peaks." Highly recommend it!!!


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