Thursday, August 27, 2009


Costumes are EVERY WHERE already....not sure if at 1.5yrs, Zach will "get it" yet, but I surely want to dress him up still....take him around in the wagon to the neighbors??

Last year Z Man was a silly monkey (which was too big) but still cute. What should he be this year?? Can't have anything he has to wear on his head cause he will NOT keep it on, LOL! I bought Mark a cute little pumpkin sleeper to wear since he will have no clue what's going but surely still needs to be dressed up!


  1. cute pics. I LOVE Halloween! Good luck choosing a costume. Pick something you like, because they will want to pick in the future when they're old enough to have an opinion. Then you could end up with some crazy (not cute for pictures) stuff.

  2. will he wear a cape? He can be "SUPER Z". check out my SM to see pics of the capes that you can have made on ETSY. If you like, I will see how you can get on emade if that is what you want to do, They can't be too $$ because they were party favors. Alex is going to be Lightening McQueen driver/pitcrew and Julia will prob be Dora b/c she will also not wear anything on her head.


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