Monday, August 17, 2009

Just an Update

It's nap time here so I thought I would jump on and do a short update!  Nothing too exciting going on, but I have been bad about blogging lately so all you get is the mundane details, but at least it is a post! ;-)

We had Z Man's 2nd ECI appointment today.   Things are going well and Miss Brenda says she definitely sees improvements since his initial evaluation.  I don't know if it something we are doing or just coming with the age, but hey, whatever it is, I will take it!  Zach has become very proficient in the "no" head shaking.  While often helpful, it can also be quite a source of amusement as he shakes no to just about every question.  Another big one is the other night we were reading A Night Night Prayer and at the end of each page, it says Night Night to Dog, Kittens, Mommy, etc etc.  Z likes to wave night night to every page but then he started mimicking me by saying it too!  BIG STEP!  He has never been a repeater so it was exciting!  It quickly ended though as I started laughing excitedly and he leaned back into my teeth!  Ouch!  Other than that, he is just a crazy little monkey as usual.  Climbing all over every little thing and just being a BOY!

In #2 news, we have made some progress in his nursery.  WAHOO!  My mom came over on Saturday and we cleaned out the storage guest closet. Most of it was BOXES of photographs and albums along with other odds and ends. Good thing about the pre-digital age was you actually printed
pictures out...the bad thing, you actually printed pictures out and therefore have TONS of loose
pics laying around! I did not feel like sorting through things so they just got moved to another
closet but hey, its progress! The rest of the loot was baby stuff so it was just reorganized and
put into closet. I found a bunch of bottles the itty bitty baby ones. Ok, what is the real
rule on these? Can they be reused or everything needs to be new? I feel so wasteful throwing
them out but I don't want to use them if I am not supposed to either. Anyway, next step is move
the big bed out so that we can get the room painted!

So, that's about all the main things going on around here lately. I will try to be more exciting
and update more often but that's about all I got for now! :)

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