Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bed Time??

What time do you put your little one to bed and when do they wake up...or more importantly, how many hours do they sleep at night?  We try to get Z down by 8 and then he is up around 7-8am so I guess he gets around 12 hours plus a 2 hour nap usually.

This week he has been kind of crabby in the evenings...trouble falling asleep, waking at night, and then up earlier than normal...I am hoping its just from getting off schedule this weekend in Abilene and nothing else.  Maybe a growth spurt?  Still adjusting to new school/home schedule?  Missing me? Who knows? I do hope it ends soon though....

And speaking of beds...I bought Zach some new big boy bedding today at Target!  It is cars and trucks quilt so we will see how it looks once all the furniture is in.  I think he will like it!


  1. I have read way to much on sleep, so I know that 14 hours is a good amount. great job! He is probably having a growth spurt if he seems to need more sleep. When my kids don't get their full nap, they are in bed at 7:00, but typically their bedtime is 8. Now that A is in PK, he goes to bed by 7 and little sis is about 10 min before him. If you do not factor in PK, they would sleep from 8-7:30 at night and then take a 3 hour nap. I put them in bed at 8 means they are probably falling asleep around 8:30, so 11 hrs at night and 3 in the day is also 14.

  2. Love the new blog look, and 2 posts in one night, i'm impressed!

    Our schedule is a bit different b/c I work afternoons so we don't usually have to leave the house by a certain time but usually the twins go to bed at 830/9 at night and sleep until 830/930 in the morning with a 2 hour nap from 2-4ish. Our routine is always messed up a bit by travelling though so that could be whats going on with Zach. He sounds overtired to me, maybe move his bedtime up a bit for a few days and see what happens.


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