Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Big Boy Furniture

It has been ordered! My friend Amy reminded me that JC Penny has furniture and that she had been very pleased with her nursery stuff from there. I checked it out and sure enough found a set I love for a great price!! I have searched PBK, Land of Nod, Company Kids, local kids retailers like Baby's 1st, and about everything in between. My issue was they either cost a lot or I was just okay with them.

Anyway, I found this set at JCP and it looks JUST like the Thomas set I love at PBK....and its on sale!! WOOHOO! It is, however, backordered until September 20th, but I guess if its not here before the baby arrives, it will all be okay. The boys' rooms just wont be finished.

Here is a link for what we ordered! We got a twin bed, dress/mirror, and chest of drawers! Now to decide on bedding for my big boy!

The pic below is the one from PB, looks the same! :)

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  1. we ordered the kids dressers from JCPenny and they have served us well :) always great prices and service!


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