Tuesday, August 18, 2009

School Traffic

It starts back next week in full force...and let me tell you how NOT excited about that I am! I have enjoyed "sleeping in" this summer and still getting to work at relatively the same time. With Matt not having to be up early right now, it is really hard for me to wake up too! I want to stay cuddled in bed in the dark with Matt and the pets! ;-)

The hardest part of this "new schedule" we are in right now is I dont get to see Zachary in the morning. I really miss that. Even though of course I would rather Matt be employed, I am glad for Z to be able to sleep in and get up when he wants. I just feel like he is more rested. But man, selfishly, I really miss seeing his smiling face in the morning before I leave...even if it was often a fussy not-wanting-to-get-dressed face in all reality! Not seeing him at all until the evening stinks!


  1. It kills me to get out of bed if Chuck doesn't have to go to work. I love to sleep in.

  2. It's not quite as bad for me, but I'm not looking forward to getting stuck behind the buses all the time. One of the main roads I use in our area only has two lanes, and when there's a bus... ARG! It takes forever, the stopping the starting. I guess I need to learn some patience. :)

  3. Glad you got the furniture! Must be a huge relief to have that crossed off of the list! Now onto bedding!! I am so not looking forward to school traffic starting back up either! YUCK!


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