Monday, August 17, 2009

Second Time Mommas

Ok, for all you mommas who have been on the second go round....what do you REALLY need in order to be prepared for baby #2's arrival??  Obviously, we have all the big ticket items (swing, bouncer, play mat, pack n play, etc), and tons of clothes since its another boy...but what else do I need to replace or add to?  

The first thing that comes to mind is bottles.  I think you are supposed to replace them, right?  All parts, or just the actual bottle itself?  I am really praying that breast feeding goes better this time and that bottles won't be as much of a need, but based on last time, I know I need to have some on hand so the boy doesn't starve.  Guess some binkies would be a good thing to be on the list too.  Other than that and the obvious diapers/wipes, what do I need???

Any tips or advice is appreciated.  The time is getting closer and closer and the reality is that I am 31 boy will be here sooner than later and I need to be ready!


  1. yep! bottles and binkies sounds about right to me. we got a couple new swaddling blankets, a different coming home outfit so Eli had a unique one. if they're in separate rooms, you'll need a new monitor if you're still using one for Z. ummm...and yes they say replace the entire bottle I believe. we still had ones we hadn't used from jayden that we used for Eli but neither of them had bottles that much. one thing to think about too is that they're being born in different seasons so sometimes the clothing needs are a bit different based on that. wahoo for being 31 weeks! !:)

  2. seasonal clothing is a good point. Luke and George are complete opposites in that respect. Bottles, pacifiers, baby medicine (tylenol, mylicon), diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream. I LOVE babies!

  3. Some bottles (now that he's taking the bottle more and b/feeding less, I have to admit that I pulled out some of Brody's old ones to use instead of buying new ones,) some new burp rags b/c Brody was a tremendous spitter so I threw out all his, new pacifiers, and a few new swaddlers. We also replaced our swing b/c the one we had for Brody was an old hand me down that wasn't in great shape. Other than that, I think poor Leyton hardly had anything new!!


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