Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm alive!

I know, its been over a week, guess we have been busy??  The last 24+ hours have been spent battling some kind of stomach virus which was not fun.  It started on the way home from Dallas but I thought it was more because of being hot and in the car.  Once we got home, it was worse and I spent the night running to the potty :(  UGH!  And then it hit Matt today so since I was a little more recovered than he, I got to take care of the Z man who luckily didn't seem too affected minus a little loose poo.  NOT FUN for anyone!  But I think we are hopefully on the mend!

Today was Zach's ECI evaluation.  The two ladies that came to the house were really nice and informative.  Zach was average to above in everything except for communication which we think is attributed to the old ears.  He just barely qualified so we decided to go ahead and enroll in the program.  Together with the team, we came up with a plan for Matt and I to work on with Z over the next few months and starting in August, the teach will come to the house 2x a month to see how we are doing and giving us more tips!  All and all, it was very good meeting and we are excited about getting started!

We spent the weekend in Dallas visiting family which was really nice.  We had not been up there since last April, yikes!  My Grammy is turning 95 this week so we had a little get together with us and a few of her friends.  I think she enjoyed it!  I was also able to visit my cousin Courtney who is still in ICU with CF related issues.  It broke my heart to see her that way but she is a fighter and has wonderful sisters and mom who are with her all the time encouraging her along!  

So that's a very brief catch up.  Not too much else going on...looking forward to NKOTB this Saturday, even in the HEAT!!


  1. Sorry you guys were so sick! Stomach virus, ugh.

    That's interesting about Zach's ECI evaluation... I would not have connected it to the ear thing, but that makes perfect sense! I'm glad you are getting the support you need to catch him up.

  2. I hate getting a stomach bug. I'd rather have a cold any day!

    Evie is still a little behind because of her ears too. No worries. Zach will be all caught up in no time.


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