Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Girls Weekend!

I am leaving tomorrow for a short weekend trip to Phoenix with some of my girl friends!  Looking forward to sleeping in, spa time, pool time and of course time with the ladies...we always have a great time together.  I am sad/nervous about leaving my little monkey.  He is such a momma's boy!  I hope he doesn't miss me TOO much.  Luckily he will have Matt and Grammy-gram in from Abilene to keep him entertained all weekend.  Maybe it will be a good thing for him to have to be separated for a couple of days!

As usual, I have WAY over packed but don't know what to unpack so I will leave it all in.  Hopefully it is under the 50lbs mark at least.  And I am sure I will have nothing to wear once I get there too.  

Anyway, hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend and I will check in later!!

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