Monday, July 6, 2009

Good weekend and 25 weeks!

We had such a good long 4th weekend....every day at the pool and just spending time with friends and family.  What more can I ask for? I think Zach is becoming a fish though, some times he will cry/whine when we go past the pool and don't stop!  HA!  Thank goodness for the baby pool in the back yard, it seems to get the job done too!  And no suit required! ;-)

I had a doc appt today and all seems to be going well.  Cannot believe I am 25+ weeks!  Next week is the oh so fun glucose test.  I failed my 1st one last time so my doc recommended that I fast before the test this time.  Also time to register with the hospital.  Things are moving very very quickly now!  Need to get this boy's room ready!!  :)

Sue and I took a quick trip with the tots to the outlet mall today.  So many cute things...but I am trying to hold off and not buy too much.  I have so much still from Zachary!  Need to start organizing it so it is ready for the little guy at least!

Not much else really going on.  We have our initial ECI appointment tomorrow and then Friday we are headed to Dallas to celebrate my Grammy's 95th birthday!  Very excited to see the family, it has been way too long.  Hoping to be able to see Courtney too and check in on her in person.  She is a fighter and seems to be getting better which is obviously great news!

Hope everyone had a good 4th! 


  1. Wow, 25 weeks already!! You *are* getting close, girl. I'm spacing for a minute, I can't remember if you've settled on a name??

  2. hope the glucose test went well, miss you friend!


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