Thursday, July 23, 2009

Apparently I am huge!

The last two weeks....any time someone asks me when I am due and I say October, I get this SHOCKED look!  One lady asked me if there was more than one in there and another proceeded to tell me about how she was also really big when she was pregnant but it was all fluid and she lost 35lbs when she delivered.  Sheesh people!!


  1. People can be so insensitive!

  2. I feel ya Lisa. With both of the boys I was asked "Due any day?" to which I responded "nope I have two more months to go"...I don't know, maybe it was the large pizzas I would eat all by myself. Regardless, both boys came out healthy and as happy as a newborn can be. Now Alora, different all together.

  3. Where do people get the balls? Seriously! You look great and as long as that peanut is growing into a healthy little baby, that's all that matters!


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