Monday, July 20, 2009

We have a new word......

POO!!!!  Ha!  I noticed it this last week, that I thought when he had dirty pants, he would point at his diaper and say "poo".  I kinda thought maybe it was just me hearing it?  But then yesterday at Becky's, Matt and I were together changing his diaper and he says "poo!"  Matt was like, "did he really just say poo?"  :)  And then today when I picked up Z at school, the VERY first thing his teacher says to me is, "Zachary said POO today and pointed at his diaper!!"  :)  Clearly we are all very proud. HA.  His other teacher is working on "more" too and thinks he is getting close to that as well! Go Z!  He is also getting better at the shaking of the head since we have been working on that too.  I think us not answering/enabling him for everything and being more conscious about it is helping too.

Not too much else new going on....oooh, except we leave for Phoenix on Thursday!  Looking forward to some girl time pooling and spa-ing at a fabulous resort!  

And, I am less than a week away from being in the 3rd trimester.  HOLY SMOKES!  We need to get busy on getting the new nursery set up!!  ahhhh!!  And I took my glucose test this morning.  Hopefully I passed, will find out next week at my regular appointment.  

Guess that's it for now!


  1. Wish I was going to Phoenix with you guys, but it is a good thing I'm not since trial is so close and our au pair is arriving this weekend! have fun for me!


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